Spring with Fishing Kid

Fishing Kid is very tired of winter. This past winter has been a rough one in New Brunswick. There was snowfall after snowfall. Fishing Kid never thought winter was going to end.

Winter did finally come to an end and Fishing Kid was very happy. Now, he knew there was a lot of work to be done but he didn’t really care about that. He was not afraid of hard work and he was definitely looking forward to being outdoors in the fresh air. He was tired of being stuck indoors for the last several months.

Frisking Kid worked very hard in the spring getting his boat ready for the fishing season ahead. The first thing Fishing Kid did was wash his fishing boat from top to bottom. Once it was all clean, he then painted the areas of the boat that were in dire need of some new paint.

After the boat was all painted he then took it for a quick ride on the open sea. The cold water felt good as it splashed Fishing Kid on his face. He didn’t keep the boat out on the water too long because there was still a lot of ice chunks in the sea and the waters were pretty rough. Once he brought the boat back to the dock and had at tied up securely, he checked every inch of the boat and made sure there were no leaks. He was very happy when he found the inside of the boat had no leaks whatsoever.

The next few weeks were spent making sure all the nets and other equipment were in good working order. He did find that a large section of his net needed to be repaired. He spent the next few days repairing the net himself. He was hoping that he would have an extra good season this year because next year he would like to buy some new nets.

Soon it was time for Fishing Kid to go out on the open sea. This is what he had worked so hard the last few months preparing for. Fishing Kid, like all other fishermen, loved the open sea. He loved the challenge of a new fishing season, hoping and praying it would be a profitable one.


Moral of this Story:

  • It does take time to prepare for a successful season.
  • Example: Fishing Kid took his down time and made sure his boat and equipment were all in good shape.

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