Blue Bugs Delight

“I am impressed at how beautiful the townspeople have been keeping their gardens,” said Mayor Quiggley. “I have also noticed there is no trash laying around. Well done townspeople!”

“Yes,” agreed Martha, Mr. Quiggley’s wife. “I have noticed those changes and it is nice to see the townspeople are actually taking care of their property.”

“It is a delight,” said Mayor Quiggley. “I am going to hold a press conference to address this. I want the townspeople to know how much their hard work is appreciated.”

“I will set up the press conference for you,” said Martha.

“Thank you dear,” said Mayor Quiggley.

The press conference was held later that afternoon. Mayor Quiggley had all the townspeople worried. He usually only held press conferences when he wanted to raise the taxes.

“Oh dear,” said Mr. Smith, one of the towns­people. “I hope he doesn’t raise the taxes.”

“Me either,” said Mrs. Jones, another of the townspeople. “We are paying too much in taxes as it is.”

Mayor Quiggley was just about to speak when he noticed something strange going on outside. He noticed some bugs that he had never seen before. He noticed these bugs were picking up trash, chewing it, spitting out mulch and then taking the mulch to other gardens around town.

“The press conference is cancelled,” said Mayor Quiggley. “I want scientists to come to our town and I want these bugs researched.”

“But,” said Mr. Smith.” These bugs are what have made our town so beautiful. If we bring scientists in, aren’t we going to scare the Blue Bugs away.”

“Shouldn’t they be our towns secret,” said Mrs. Jones.” If word gets out, everyone will come here and they will take our precious Blue Bugs with them.”

“You both make valid points,” said Mayor Quiggley. “Let’s keep those delightful Blue Bugs our towns best kept secret.”

“Wonderful,” said Mr. Smith.

“Good plan,” said Mrs. Jones.

The Blue Bugs thrived and so did the town. Neighbouring towns were jealous and that made Mayor Quiggley and the towns­people delighted.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t exploit things that do something good for you.
  • Example:Mayor Quiggley wanted to exploit the Blue Bugs until Mr. Smith and Mrs. Jones reminded him of what the Blue Bugs have done for the town.

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