Beautiful Blue Bugs

“We have so much mulch now at our home,” said Daddy Blue Bug, looking at a huge pile of excess mulch. “What will we do with the rest of it?”

Mommy Blue Bug looked at their surroundings. She saw a few houses up the street that were actually cute little houses but their gardens were in complete disrepair.

“I have a plan,” said Mommy Blue Bug. “Follow me.”

The Blue Bugs followed Mommy. She took them to the houses up the street. They saw the shape of the gardens and knew exactly what Mommy wanted them to do. The Blue Bugs went from house to house spreading the mulch they made by chewing up discarded trash they found. Soon, the gardens sprang to life and the whole town looked beautiful.

“Look at how nice my garden looks,” said Mrs. Jones, with a look of utter joy and surprise. “Funny thing though, I didn’t have time to tend to it this year. I was going to do it this weekend.”

“Same here,” said Mr. Smith. “I wonder what is going on.”

Mr. Smith took a good look at Mrs. Jones’ garden.

“I recognize this mulch,” said Mr. Smith, picking up a handful of it. “This mulch belongs to those bugs that chew up discarded trash.”

“Oh you mean the Blue Bugs,” said Mrs. Jones.

“Yes,” said Mr. Smith. “Those lovely, beautiful blue bugs.”

“They are indeed beautiful,” said Mrs. Jones.

“We need to thank them,” said Mr. Smith. “Let’s have a celebration in their honour.”

The whole town pitched in and held a beautiful celebration for the Blue Bugs. They hung blue streamers from their porches, they made blueberry tarts and blueberry juice. The Blue Bugs were overwhelmed with joy and they danced while the townspeople sang.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to help out people as much as you can.
  • Example: The Blue Bugs had excess mulch so they spread it around the town and made the town beautiful. The townspeople loved what they did and threw them a big celebration.

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