A Snowy Spring

“It is snowing outside,” said Runner Rabbit, scratching his head. “I thought it was spring, not winter.”

Runner Rabbit was confused by the weather. He took a good look at the calendar on the wall of his den.

“It is definitely spring,” said Runner Rabbit, to himself. “How can it be snowing? Why is it snowing?”

Runner Rabbit thought about the snow. He remembered it was raining a week ago and he also remembered that when it was raining, he complained about the rain.

“Oh dear,” thought Runner Rabbit. “It is my fault that it is snowing. I should never have complained about the rain.”

Runner Rabbit knew everyone would be angry with him because of the snow. He decided he should just run away. Runner Rabbit grabbed his suitcase and headed down the road.

“Runner,” Runner Rabbit heard a familiar voice calling his name. “Wait up!”

Rita Rabbit, Runner Rabbit’s best friend, caught up to him.

“Where are you going?” asked Rita, seeing Runner Rabbit’s suitcase in his hand.

Runner Rabbit told Rita all about how it was his fault it is snowing. He told her about how he complained about the rain.

“Nonsense,” said Rita. “It isn’t your fault it is snowing.”

“Are you sure?” asked Runner Rabbit.

“Yes,” said Rita. “I am sure. I complained about the rain too!”

“You did!” shouted Runner.

“Yes,” said Rita. “I did. See, everyone complains about the weather, even though, there is nothing we can do to change it.”

Runner Rabbit felt a lot better so he took his suitcase back home and put the thoughts of running away to rest.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to talk about your problems instead of running away from them.
  • Example: Runner Rabbit thought he was the reason it snowed in spring. He thought everyone would be upset with him, so he ran away.

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