Mother’s Day Butterfly

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Jason, to his mother.

“Yes,” said Annie, Jason’s sister. “Happy Mother’s Day.”

“Thank you,” said Mother Elf. “Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t we go for a walk? It is such a beautiful day.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Annie.

“Yes,” said Jason.” Maybe we can try to find that beautiful butterfly we saw yesterday.”

“Great idea,” said Mother Elf. “I think he likes to play where that big rock is.”

Jason, Annie and Mother Elf walked very quietly to where the rock was. They were thrilled when they saw not one but several beautiful butterflies.

“Look,” said Annie, pointing to the one butterfly that landed on Mother Elf’s shoulder. “I think he is saying Happy Mother’s Day to you.”

“Yes,” said Mother Elf. “I think you are right.”

Mother Elf, Jason and Annie spent a lot of time looking at the butterfly.

“This was a very beautiful Mother’s Day,” said Mother Elf.


Moral of this Story:

  • Butterflies are beautiful.
  • Example: Mother Elf, Jason and Annie saw several beautiful butterflies on Mother’s Day. One landed on Mother Elf’s shoulder.

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