The Best Mother’s Day

“Why are you cleaning up the yard?” asked Mother Elf, seeing her son, Jason, hard at work. “I was going to do that.”

“Not today you’re not,” said Jason. “Today is Mother’s Day. You are going to sit and relax. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Mother Elf sat in a chair. It was nice that Jason was cleaning up the yard. However, she was getting hungry. She thought she would go make some lunch.

“Oh, my!” exclaimed Mother Elf, seeing her daughter, Annie carrying a tray of sandwiches and drinks. “I was just going to go make lunch.”

“Now you don’t have to,” said Annie, placing the tray on a table. “Happy Mother’s Day!”

“This is the best Mother’s Day!” cried Mother Elf, happily. “Thank you so much!”

“Yoy always take care of us,” said Jason, taking a break.

“I have the best family anyone could ask for,” cried Mother Elf. “Thank you!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Try to help mother on Mother’s Day.
  • Example: Jason and Annie both helped Mother Elf on Mother’s Day. They made it the best Mother’s Day for her.

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