A Silly Spring Day

“It is such a beautiful spring day,” said Silly Snake to himself. “I must go outside to enjoy it.”

Silly Snake slithered out of his den. When he first stepped outside, he saw some very strange things. He saw big fluffy white clouds but they weren’t in the sky like they were supposed to be. They were floating on the ground.

“Oh dear, oh my!” cried Silly Snake. “What is going on here? It appears everything is upside down.”

Silly Snake kept slithering along. He continued to see everything upside down. Trees and grass were growing where the sky was supposed to be and clouds and the sky were where the trees and grass were supposed to be.

“The whole world is upside down,” cried Silly Snake. “This is bad. It appears everything feels like I am in a dream.”

Silly Snake pinched himself and he felt it so, he knew he wasn’t dreaming. Silly Snake was starting to get worried. He knew clouds belonged in the sky and trees and grass belonged in the ground.

He was very puzzled and then he realized that maybe, just maybe that he was the one upside down.

“Oh dear! Oh my!” exclaimed Silly Snake, feeling very foolish, when he rolled himself over. “It was me that was upside down.”

Silly Snake slithered along on his walk and was relieved to see the clouds were back in the sky like they were supposed to be and the trees and grass were back on the ground where they were supposed to be.

“I am so glad everything is back to normal,” said Silly Snake.


Moral of this Story:

  • We should always see our world right side up.
  • Example: Silly Snake was looking at the world upside down and it looked so different.

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