Pretty Flowers for Mother’s Day

“We should pick some flowers for Mother Elf for Mother’s Day,” said Jason. “We both know how much mother loves flowers.”

“We still have a week and a half until Mother’s Day,” sand Annie. “Why don’t we fix up the garden and plant some for her instead.”

“That is a great idea,” said Jason. “That way she can enjoy them all year long.”

Jason and Annie worked very hard over the next week and a half. They cleared out the garden area of fallen twigs and dried up leaves. They tilled the soil by hand with a shovel. Then they laid down a few bags of fertilizer they found in the garage.

While they were doing all this work, they made sure Mother Elf didn’t see them. They also made sure Mother Elf did not go anywhere near the garden.

“I think I will go sit by the garden and read a book,” said Mother Elf, one day, just before Mother’s Day.

“You can’t,” said Jason, with a worried look on his face.

“Why not?” asked Mother Elf.

“I heard it is supposed to rain,” said Annie.

“Oh, I don’t want to sit in the rain,” said Mother Elf.

“Good thinking,” said Jason, after Mother Elf took her book upstairs to read.

“We are almost done with the garden,” said Annie. “We just have to plant the seedlings.”

Jason and Annie were able to finish the garden just before Mother’s Day. They knew Mother Elf would love it.

Mother’s Day came and Jason handed Mother Elf a book she had been reading.

“Right this way,” said Annie, leading Mother Elf, out into the garden.

“Oh my!” cried Mother Elf. “This garden is beautiful. What a perfect gift! Thank you.”

“Happy Mother’s Day,” shouted Jason and Annie.

Mother Elf spent a lot of time in the garden that year. Jason and Annie were thrilled that they had done something so nice for Mother’s Day that Mother Elf could appreciate.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to enjoy a beautiful garden.
  • Example: Jason and Annie fixed up the old garden for Mother Elf for Mother’s Day.

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