Evil Spring Day

Spring Butterfly was very happy because the sun was shining and it was a very warm spring day.

“I think I will take advantage of this warm weather and go to the Atlantic Ocean for a fresh sip of ocean water,” said Spring Butterfly to herself.

Spring Butterfly made the trek to the Atlantic Ocean whenever she could. She loved the taste of the water from the Atlantic Ocean. There was just nothing else like it.

“I will check on Mother first,” said Spring Butterfly.

Spring Butterfly’s mother had been very sick lately and she was frail because of it. Spring Butterfly made it her job to take care of her. She would never leave her mother if she didn’t think she would be okay.

“Oh Mother!” exclaimed Spring Butterfly, seeing a smile on her mother’s face that she had not seen in a very long time. “It looks to me like you are feeling better today.”

“I am,” said Mother. “I think the warm spring sunshine is doing it.”

“I agree,” said Spring Butterfly. “Since you are feeling better today. I am going to go to the Atlantic Ocean.”

“Yes,” said Mother. “By all means. I know how much you love the ocean water.”

Spring Butterfly made sure her mother had everything in place and then she left. She felt good that her mother was feeling better.

Spring Butterfly reached the Atlantic Ocean in two days’ time. She loved the scenery as she flew over Edmundston, New Brunswick to the Atlantic Ocean. It was breathtaking. She flew over lush green forests, beautiful productive farm land and she also saw lots of wildlife on her trek such as moose, deer, fox and coyotes.

Spring Butterfly took her time and sipped the cool refreshing ocean water and when she had her fill, she placed one drop between the fold of her wing so she could take it home to her mother.

Spring Butterfly flew back home. Part way, she ran into her twin brother, Black Butterfly.

“Why aren’t you at home with Mother?” snapped Black Butterfly. “You know Mother is very ill. She is distraught with worry. She doesn’t know where you are!”

Spring Butterfly knew Black Butterfly was lying to her. She knew he was just being evil.

“How dare you let lie to me?” screamed Spring Butterfly. “Mother knows where I am. She was just fine the day I left.”

“Oh,” said Black Butterfly, knowing that he had been busted. “I have to go now.”

“Stop being so evil,” shouted Spring Butterfly to him, as she watched him fly away.

Spring Butterfly took the drop of water home to her mother. Mother loved it. She was feeling so much better.

“How was your trip?” asked Mother. “Did you see your brother?”

“I saw him alright,” said Spring Butterfly, not wanting to get into the details with Mother.

“Evil as always?” asked Mother.

“Yes,” said Spring Butterfly. “That will never change.”


Moral of this Story:

  • You will always get caught if you lie.
  • Example: Spring Butterfly knew her twin brother, Black Butterfly was lying to her about their mother.

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