Father’s Day Breakfast

Daddy Parker was enjoying a beautiful breakfast on Father’s Day morning with his wife, Delores and their three children, Jason, Annie and Jeremy. Everyone was having a good time and the children were behaving themselves.

“What does everyone want to do now?” asked Daddy Parker, not wanting this moment to end. “How about we go for a walk in the park?”

“I can’t,” said Jason. “I am meeting my friends later. I will need you to drive me there, though.”

“Jason,” said Delores, sternly. “We are spending the day with your father. Your friends can wait.”

“No they can’t,” said Jason.

“Let him go,” said Daddy Parker, clearly disappointed. “Get ready. I will drive you.”

“That is too bad,” said Delores. “The children should be spending time with you.”

“I am going to my friend’s house too,” said Annie. “Her family is having a BBQ for Father’s Day.”

“I suppose you need a ride too,” said Daddy Parker.

“Yes please,” said Annie.

“Let’s just enjoy the rest of our Father’s Day breakfast,” said Daddy Parker. “It may be the only time I see you all today.”

Daddy Parker was very upset with his family. He thought of all the things he had done for them and they just couldn’t spend Father’s Day with him. He just shook his head.

The children stood at the door, just before heading out and they saw the look in their father’s face. They felt horrible.

“They are right,” said Jason to his sister. “We should be spending time with Daddy today. I am going to cancel going to my friends.”

“I am too,” said Annie, also seeing the look in her father’s face. “I can’t do this to Daddy. It is just to mean.”

“Did you want to go for that walk in the park still?” Jason asked his father.

“What about your friends?” asked Daddy Parker. “I thought they couldn’t wait.”

“I was wrong,” said Jason. “They can wait when it comes to spending time with you.”

“My friends can wait too,” said Annie.

“I am so proud of you,” said Daddy Parker, hugging his two children tightly. “You two have just made this the best Father’s Day ever!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Family should always come first.
  • Example: Daddy Parker was disappointed when his children said they would like to spend Father’s Day with their friends. They saw the look on his face and changed their minds.

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