Spring in the Mountains

Hi everyone! This is Mountain Kid. I live in British Columbia, Canada, in the mountains. It has been a rather cold and long winter. We had quite a bit of snow this winter too. I am so looking forward to spring. I love spring and I especially love spring in the mountains.

During spring, there is a flurry of activity in the mountains. Wildflowers are sprouting everywhere, trees are growing their leaves and birds are singing.

The weather in the mountains during early spring can be a little iffy at times. We still sometimes get some cold arctic air coming down from the north. This can result in snow in the upper mountainous elevations. As a matter of fact, it can snow at any time of the year in the mountains.

With the coming of spring, things start to turn green again. It is nice to see the green grass and the green leaves on the trees covering up the bare brown spots that we saw all winter long.

Spring in the mountains brings new life to most species of animals. Mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, eagles and bears all have their young ones to look after.

In the mountains, during spring, I think that I love the fresh spring air the most. There is nothing like standing on the side of a mountain, looking at a wonderful view all around you and breathing in the freshest air there is.

Each spring, I keep myself busy by cleaning up the yard after the long winter. I also plant trees on my property and get my garden ready for planting.


Moral of this Story:

  • Spring brings new life with it.
  • Example: Mountain Kid loves spring because it brings green grass, green leaves and new baby animals.

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