Unlucky Leprechaun

“I’m such an unlucky leprechaun,” said Unlucky Leprechaun to himself after looking in the mirror. “I mean here it is St. Patrick’s Day and I’ve got no luck at all. I mean, I don’t even have a pot of gold.”

Something caught Unlucky Leprechaun’s eye in the mirror. He looked at himself again and again.

“Well,” said Unlucky Leprechaun. “No wonder I’m so unlucky. I don’t even have a four-leaf clover on my hat. I only have a three-leaf clover.”

Unlucky Leprechaun decided that he was going to change his luck. He went outside and into the thickest part of the field that he could find and he searched high and low for a four-leaf clover.

“Three leafs,” said Unlucky Leprechaun, plucking a clover from the field and throwing it over his shoulder.

Unlucky Leprechaun searched high and low for over three hours in that field and all he could see were three-leaf clovers. He had a great big pile of them over his shoulders and he was getting quite frustrated. He knew that if he had a four-leaf clover, he would be just like all the other leprechauns. He would be lucky.

“Hey there,” Unlucky Leprechaun heard a voice behind him. “What are you doing with all these clovers?”

“I’m trying to find a four-leaf clover,” said Unlucky Leprechaun, turning around to see another leprechaun standing there.

“You could always make a wish,” said the other leprechaun. “I would grant your wish to come true.”

“Okay,” said Unlucky Leprechaun. “Can I have more than one wish?”

“You can have three wishes altogether,” said the other leprechaun.

“Okay,” said Unlucky Leprechaun. “I wish that I had some good luck for a change.”

“Granted,” said the other leprechaun. “Two more wishes left.”

“But I don’t feel lucky yet,” said Unlucky Leprechaun. “I wish I was lucky.”

“Granted,” said the other leprechaun. “One more wish left.”

“But I just wished the same thing twice,” said Unlucky Leprechaun.

“Sorry,” said the other leprechaun. “It doesn’t matter. A wish is a wish.”

“I wish you would go away,” said Unlucky Leprechaun, angrily. “Your wishes aren’t real anyway.”

The other leprechaun disappeared into thin air right in front of Unlucky Leprechaun’s eyes.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Unlucky Leprechaun, kicking the ground with his foot. “What have I done? I wasted all three of my wishes. Now, I’ll never be lucky.”

Unlucky Leprechaun happened to glance down where his foot was and he saw a four-leaf clover on the end of his boot. He carefully picked it up and placed it into his hat. The moment he did that, he knew he was lucky now. He felt a special power come over him.

“I’m lucky now,” danced Unlucky Leprechaun. “I have my four-leaf clover and now I am lucky.”

Unlucky Leprechaun danced in a circle and soon he found that there were many leprechauns dancing beside him. The leprechaun that granted him his three wishes was there too. The unlucky leprechaun went over to him.

“My three wishes that you granted me didn’t come true,” said Unlucky Leprechaun.

“You found that four-leaf clover that I put in your boot didn’t you?” asked the other leprechaun.

“Yes,” said Unlucky Leprechaun.

“And you are lucky now right?” asked the other leprechaun.

“Yes,” said Unlucky Leprechaun, bowing his head down in shame. “I guess I didn’t put the two together.”

“It is okay,” said the other leprechaun, taking Unlucky Leprechaun’s hand and getting back into the dance with the other leprechaun.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t waste your wishes away.
  • Example: Unlucky Leprechaun wasted his three wishes away and he wished he didn’t.
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