Growing – Master Action Words

“What are you doing today?” asked Master Action Words’ friend, Harold.

“I am watching to see how fast the plants in my garden are growing,” said Master Action Words.

“Do you know what type of word growing is?” asked Master Action Words’ other friend, Billy.

“Growing is an action word,” said Master Action Words.

“Very good, said Billy.

“What does growing mean?” asked Harold.

“Growing means to increase in size,” said Master Action Words.

“Speaking of growing,” said Master Action Words’ Mother, who just arrived home from work and saw how short his pants were in the leg. “You are growing like a bad weed.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Master Action Words, looking down and seeing that Mother was right. “I guess I am growing.”

“After dinner I will take you to the mall and buy you some new pants,” said Mother.

Master Action Words did get some new pants. Mother made sure they were a little long on him because she was sure that he hadn’t finished growing yet.


Moral of this Story:

  • A growing boy always needs a longer pair of pants.
  • Example: Mother realized Master Action Words was growing too fast and needed a new pair of pants.

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