Ant Relinquishes his Burden

Ant wandered through Storyland, his huge green leaf with him. He wandered over sticks and stones and struggled with every step he took.

“I thought carrying this leaf around through winter was bad,” muttered Ant to himself. “But it seems that spring is even worse and I have been waiting forever for spring to come.”

Ant trudged on. He came to a clearing in the midst of some bushland. He saw all kinds of Storyland characters, sitting down on

the fresh spring grass. There was a roaring bonfire in the back, along a rock wall.

“They look like they are having a feast,” said Ant, the aroma of meat and potatoes roasting was driving him mad.

“Oh look!” exclaimed Racum Raccoon, a very old Storyland character, in fact, he was the very first Storyland character. “Here comes Ant. He has the perfect leaf for our feast.”

Racum grabbed the leaf from Ant and before Ant could say anything, the leaf was smouldering away on top of the meat.

“My leaf!” Ant shouted, to no avail because nobody heard him because they were all so happy and joyous. “Actually, that leaf was always a burden to me. Maybe it is for the best that it is gone.”

Ant found he could walk around without stumbling. He felt free. He felt good.

“Thank you for your wonderful donation, ” said Racum, while he was slicing up the meat. “That leaf is exactly what we needed.”

The old Ant would have yelled, screamed and made a fool of himself but, the new Ant was humble.

“Glad I could help,” said Ant, sincerely.

“It must have been a burden on you,” said Racum. “Given how big it was.”

” Oh it was,” sighed Ant.

“The feast is ready,” said Racum, a few minutes later. ” Come join us.”

“I think I will,” said Ant, happily.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes we need to let go of things that we find are a burden.
  • Example: Ant realized that he felt much better once he no longer had to carry his leaf around with him.

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