A Hippo Helper

“Oh dear,” said Rat Boy to his sister, Cecilia, one spring day, after a heavy rain. “That river is swelling. It is going to overflow.” 

“Yes,” said Cecilia. “It is. We need to get back home.” 

“I don’t see any bridges,” said Rat Boy, taking a look around at their surroundings. “We can’t swim across because the water is much too high and it is flowing too fast.” 

“Mother and Father warned us not to cross the river,” said Cecilia. “If we don’t get back home soon, they are going to be worried about us.” 

Rat Boy looked around. He saw Harvey Hippo walking toward them. 

“What are you two doing here?” asked Harvey Hippo. “It is dangerous to be on this side of the river. It is going to flood. Hop up on my back and hold on. I will take you across.” 

 Harvey Hippo took Rat Boy and Cecilia across the river safely. 

“Thank you very much,” said Cecilia. “That was very nice of you to help us.” 

“It was my pleasure,” said Harvey Hippo.  

“Looks like you got to us just in time,” said Rat Boy, pointing across the river to where the riverbank was now flooded. 

“Yes,” said Harvey Hippo. “It looks that way.” 

Rat Boy and Cecilia saw their parents walking up the pathway toward them. 

“I am so glad you two are safe,” said Mother. 

“We did go across the river,” said Rat Boy. “However, Harvey Hippo helped us get back.” 

“Thank you so much,” said Father to Harvey Hippo. “It was very nice of you to help our children.”  

“I am just happy I found them in time, “said Harvey Hippo. 

“Now,” said Father, to his two children. “Maybe you two will listen to us when we tell you to stay away from the river. You too are grounded.” 

“We are sorry,” said Rat Boy. 

“We won’t go near the river again,” said Cecilia. 

“Good,” said Mother. “Let’s go home.” 


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not a good idea to go near a river.
  • Example: Rat Boy and Cecilia went across the river after they were told not to by their parents. They were almost caught in a flood but were saved by Harvey Hippo.

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