Callie the Customer Service Agent

“Wow!” exclaimed Callie the Customer Service Agent, hanging up the phone from a very difficult customer. “That call was over an hour long.” 

“I heard most of it,” said Lacey, Callie’s supervisor, walking by her cubicle. “You did amazing.” 

“Thank you,” said Callie. “I am just glad that at the end of the call that customer understood I could not issue him a refund.” 

“You did everything you could,” said Lacey. “That customer was just not listening.” 

“Not at all,” said Callie. 

John, Callie’s and Lacey’s boss walked by the two girls. 

“In my office,” said John. “Now!” 

Callie and Lacey followed John but Callie gave Lacey a look of confusion because she had no idea what John wanted to speak to them about.  

“Callie,” said John. “I just want to commend you on that last call. You handled that most difficult customer with extreme professionalism. You are going to be this month’s Employee of the Month.” 

“I am honoured,” said Callie. 

“And you should be,” said John. “That was a job well done.” 

“How did he know about the call that quickly?” asked Callie, once her and Lacey were alone. 

“A little birdie told him,” said Lacey, smiling. “Congratulations! Being Employee of the Month is quite the honour.” 

“Thank you,” said Callie, bashfully. 


Moral of this Story:

  • Always handle difficult customers with the utmost care.
  • Example: Callie the Customer Service Agent did a fantastic job of handling a difficult customer.

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