Things About Spring

“It is a beautiful spring day,” said Freddy Goose, Slow-Poke’s best friend.

“It is,” said Slow-Poke, tying up his shoes. “I am so glad that we are going to the pond. I can’t wait to go swimming.”

“Let’s hurry up and get to the pond before nightfall,” said Freddy, trying to be patient while waiting for his friend.

“Okay,” said Slow-Poke, finishing up tying up one shoe and onto the next.

A few minutes later, Stow-Poke and Freddy were finally walking to the pond. They were both enjoying the fresh air as they walked. As Slow-Poke and Freddy walked, Slow-Poke stopped every few seconds to appreciate all things related to spring.

“Smell this tulip,” said Slow-Poke, bending down to inhale it’s lovely spring scent. “Oh, it is heavenly.”

Freddy quickly smelled the tulip and he did have to agree that it did smell heavenly.

“Look at the butterfly flying around,” said Slow-Poke. “He has the most beautiful colours.”

Freddy did stop to look at the butterfly and he did agree the butterfly was beautiful. Slow-Poke and Freddy both enjoyed everything that was related to spring. They enjoyed it so much that they had forgotten all about going to the pond to go swimming. However, they did enjoy that beautiful spring day together.

“We can go swimming tomorrow,” said Slow-Poke.

“Maybe,” said Freddy. “Or, we could always just enjoy everything about spring.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always take the time to enjoy spring.
  • Example: Slow-Poke and Freddy Goose enjoyed all the things about spring on their walk to the pond.

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