Pretty Spring Flowers

“Troll Mother!” exclaimed Troll Sister. “When can we go outside and play?”

“When the snow turns into flowers,” said Troll Mother.

“Well, when will that be?” asked Troll Brother, standing at the kitchen doorway, listening to his mother and sister talking.

Troll Sister and Troll Brother were getting anxious for spring to come. This past winter had been a long one. There was a lot of snow and it was very cold.

“I want there to be pretty pink flowers when I go outside to play,” said Troll Sister.

“Not pink,” said Troll Brother. “Pink is boring. Pick something nice like purple or blue.”

“Yellow flowers,” said Troll Baby, sitting in his high chair.

“What’s this I hear about flowers?” asked Troll Daddy, coming home from work and hiding something behind his back.

“The Troll children are waiting anxiously until the snow turns to flowers,” said Troll Mother.

“Well maybe this will help,” said Troll Daddy, handing a bouquet of flowers to Troll Mother.

“Pretty flowers!” exclaimed Troll Baby, happily.

“Pretty spring flowers,” said Troll Mother, holding the pretty bouquet up to her nose.

“Pretty pink, purple, blue and yellow spring flowers,” laughed Troll Baby.


Moral of this Story:

  • Spring will be here when the snow turns into flowers.
  • Example: The Troll children wanted the snow to turn into flowers.

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