Pure Spring Happiness

“It is a beautiful spring day,” said Mrs. Tulip to herself, as she stood in her garden. “This spring weather sure has brought out the best in everyone.”

Mrs. Tulip was very happy. She just wanted everyone to be happy and to enjoy the warm sunshine.

“There is nothing better than a warm spring day,” said Mrs. Tulip.

“Absolutely,” Mrs. Tulip, heard from a branch above her head.

“Yes, Mrs. Robin,” said Mrs. Tulip.

“Spring is a wonderful season,” said Mrs. Robin.

“It is the best season,” said Mrs. Tulip.

Mrs. Tulip watched at how happy and content Mrs. Robin and her three babies were. She watched Mrs. Robin feed her three babies. She watched Mrs. Robin clean her three babies. She did all this by being loving and attentive.

“Mrs. Robin sure is happy,” said Mrs. Tulip, smiling. “When everyone is happy, it makes me happy. This is pure spring happiness.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Spring is a happy time of year.
  • Example: Mrs. Tulip watched Mrs. Robin take care of her babies. It made her very happy.

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