A True Mother’s Day

“Being an elf sure has its days,” said Mother Elf, relaxing on the sofa. “Being a mother, seems to have more of them. I am exhausted. Today is Mother’s Day. I am going to put my feet up and enjoy the rest of the day.”

Mother Elf didn’t have much time to relax. Her two children, Jason and Annie came home soaking wet and covered in mud.

“Let me guess,” said Mother Elf, getting off the sofa. “You two couldn’t stay away from the mud puddles.”

Jason and Annie looked at each other and they both started laughing.

“Come on,” said Mother Elf, dragging her children to the bath tub. “Time to get you two cleaned up.”

Mother Elf got her children bathed, dressed in their pajamas and settled into bed when both of them started to sneeze.

“Oh dear!” cried Mother Elf, knowing this was the start of her children coming down with a nasty cold. “This is a true Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to me!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Mother’s Day can be just like any other day, for some mothers.
  • Example: Mother Elf’s two children became ill on Mother’s Day.

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