A Savoury Mother’s Day

“Jason and I are cooking dinner for you,” said Annie.

“That is very sweet of the two of you,” said Mother Elf. “What is the occasion?”

“It is Mother’s Day,” said Jason.

“We are cooking roast beef,” said Annie, as she winked to her brother.

Mother Elf didn’t want to tell the children that she would rather have a savoury chicken dinner instead. She didn’t want to hurt their feelings after all the trouble they have gone through.

Mother Elf took a book into the living room and relaxed. About 20 minutes later, she started smelling dinner cooking. It wasn’t roast beef she was smelling. She was smelling her favourite, savoury chicken.

“That is why Annie winked at Jason,” said Mother Elf to herself, smiling. “They were trying to trick me.”

Mother Elf stayed out of the kitchen until dinner was ready. She didn’t want to spoil the children’s surprise.

“This isn’t roast beef,” said Mother Elf, when Annie handed a plate to her.

“We tricked you,” admitted Jason. “We made your favourite, savoury chicken.”

“I love you two children so much,” cried Mother Elf.

“We love you too,” said Annie. “Happy Mother’s Day!”

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Jason.

“Thank you,” said Mother Elf. “This is the best Mother’s Day, ever!”


Moral of this Story:

  • A mother does make sacrifices for her family.
  • Example: Mother Elf didn’t want to tell her children that she would prefer a savoury chicken dinner instead of roast beef.

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