Happy Spring

“Hello Mrs. Turtle,” said Bluey Bluebird, who was sitting on a fence post, watching the world go by, while enjoying the beautiful spring day. “It is nice to see you out and about.”

“Thank you,” said Mrs. Turtle, walking at a turtle’s pace. “It is a beautiful spring day.”

“It is indeed,” said Bluey Bluebird, smiling. “It makes me feel so happy.”

“It does me too,” said Mrs. Turtle, also smiling.

Bluey Bluebird continued talking to Mrs. Turtle about spring, about how much they loved it, how beautiful it was and how happy it made them. He noticed how Mrs. Turtle had only walked about a foot.

“How can you walk around being so happy when it takes you so long to get anywhere?” asked Bluey Bluebird.

“Well,” said Mrs. Turtle. “When I am walking slow, it gives me more time to enjoy my surroundings. I am not in a hurry for anything. I have all the time in the world. I have nowhere special to be. I can take my time.”

“That actually made perfect sense,” said Bluey Bluebird, thinking of what Mrs. Turtle had just said. “Why wouldn’t you be happy? You can take all the time you want and you would actually be able to take the time to actually enjoy things. Maybe it is a lesson we can all take away from what you just said. I know for me, I sometimes rush around and when I do, I am not enjoying things.”

“Just try slowing down, even a little bit,” said Mrs. Turtle.

“I think I will try your advice,” said Bluey Bluebird.

Bluey Bluebird did take Mrs. Turtle’s advice whenever he could and he did find that he was able to enjoy the beauty of his surroundings.


Moral of this Story:

  • Slow down, even a little, and enjoy your surroundings.
  • Example: Bluey Bluebird saw that Mrs. Turtle was walking slow and she explained that when walking slow, she was able to enjoy her surroundings.

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