Jen-Jen and her Summer Daydream

It was a warm, sunny summer day. Jen-Jen had a couple of hours before she had to go to work. She decided she would sit in her garden.

“I love my garden so much,” said Jen-Jen.

Jen-Jen thought about all the pretty flowers she had growing. She thought about all the different insects and animals that have visited her garden. She thought about all the beautiful colourful birds she has seen flying around.

Pretty soon, Jen-Jen was daydreaming. She started daydreaming about all the improvements she has made to her garden to date and all the things she wanted to do to it.

“Next year I want to add a little fish pond to my garden,” said Jen-Jen to herself. “Then, I want to add a fountain.”

Jen-Jen was daydreaming so much that she forgot all about what time it was.

“Oh dear,” said Jen-Jen, looking at the time on her phone.. “I have a half an hour to get to work.”

Jen-Jen hurried from her garden and went to work. She laughed at herself for being so foolish.

“I should probably set the alarm on my phone next time I come to the garden before work,” laughed Jen-Jen.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be mindful of the time.
  • Example: Jen-Jen was daydreaming in her garden and forgot all about the time.
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