Arrow, Cutie and the Pesky Fly

Arrow and Cutie were very busy. They were having a much needed cat nap, at least they were trying to have a nap.

“Cutie,” said Arrow. “There is a pesky fly in here and it is driving me crazy.”

“Yes,” said Cutie. “It just landed on my back. Can you get it for me? I can’t reach it.”

“No,” said Arrow. “I can’t. I am too comfy. Besides, it isn’t on your back anymore.”

“Where is it?” asked Cutie.

“It’s on your head,” said Arrow.

Cutie swatted it and then it landed on her front paw.

“I am going back to sleep,” said Arrow. “That fly is not going to bother me. It is having too much fun with you.”

“Please help me with this fly, ” cried Cutie.

“You can handle it,” said Arrow.

“You are mean,” said Cutie, flicking her paw up and down.

Cutie watched as the fly flew off her paw and landed right on Arrow’s head.

“Get it off me,” cried Arrow.

“Good night,” said Cutie, laughing, while she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

“Meanie!” cried Arrow.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to help someone out.
  • Example: Cutie wanted Arrow to help her get the fly but Arrow was too busy having a nap.

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