Jen-Jen and the Magical Butterfly

Jen-Jen was walking around her flower garden. It was a beautiful summer day.

“My garden doesn’t seem to be as pretty as it did last year,” said Jen-Jen out-loud. “I am a little disappointed.”

“You are mistaken,” Jen-Jen heard a voice say.

Jen-Jen looked around. She didn’t see anyone.

“Who was that talking to me?” asked Jen-Jen.

“It’s me,” said a butterfly, flying around Jen-Jen’s face. ‘”I am a magical butterfly. I think your garden is the most beautiful garden I have seen.”

“Are you serious?” asked Jen-Jen. “Last year I had more roses in my garden.”

“You have the same amount of roses,” said the butterfly. “However, you have many more daffodils this year. “The daffodils make a nice contrast against the roses.”

Jen-Jen stood back and took a good look at her garden once again. The butterfly was right. It did look beautiful.

“You are magical,” said Jen-Jen. “You made me see the beauty of the roses and the daffodils together.”

“Thank you,” said the butterfly. “Now, let’s enjoy your beautiful garden.”

“Yes,” said Jen-Jen. “Let’s do that.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes it takes someone else to see the beauty in something.
  • Example: Jen-Jen didn’t see the beauty in her garden until the magical butterfly pointed it out.
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