Tuffy Turtle’s Summer Story Wheel

Tuffy Turtle was taking a leisurely stroll through Storyland. It was a beautiful, warm summer day. The sun was shining bright through the trees and it glistened on the green grass. Tuffy Turtle was very happy.

“Oh look,” said Tuffy Turtle. “There is a bee up ahead. I am going to go say hello and make sure that bee is okay.”

Tuffy Turtle knew that he had to be careful around the bee because he knows that bees can sting. He walked very softly towards the bee and spoke to the bee in a soft and gentle voice.

“Hello bee,” said Tuffy Turtle. “My name is Tuffy Turtle. Are you okay?”

“Besides being swatted at,” said the bee. “Yes, I am okay. It is nice to meet you, Tuffy. I am confused though. Your name is Tuffy but, you don’t seem tough.”

“I’m not tough,” laughed Tuffy. “In fact, I am quite the opposite.”

“I am glad,” said the bee. “My name is Beatrice Bee.”

Beatrice Bee saw a flower up ahead. She motioned to Tuffy that she would be right back. She went to land on the flower but, Zimba Zombie, a Storyland character walked by her. Instead of waiting for Zimba Zombie to pass by, Beatrice Bee flew straight towards him. Of course, Zimba Zombie started swatting at her.

“I think I have a solution to you being swatted at,” said Tuffy Turtle, when Beatrice Bee flew back to where he was. “Perhaps when  you see characters approaching you, you

could either wait for them to pass by or you could go around them and not fly straight into them.”

“That makes sense,” said Beatrice Bee, thinking about what Tuffy had just said to her. “Thank you Tuffy.”

Beatrice Bee flew off toward another flower that she saw. She saw Ant walking right in her path. She stopped and waited for Ant to pass by before proceeding.

“Did you see that?” asked Beatrice Bee, coming back toward Tuffy Turtle. “Ant didn’t swat at me! “Your advice worked! Thank you very much!”

“You are welcome,” said Tuffy. “I am glad you know how not to be swatted at so much.”

“Absolutely!” cried Beatrice Bee, happily.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be mindful of others around you.
  • Example: Tuffy Turtle gave Beatrice Bee some sound advice on dealing with some of the Storyland characters who swat at her.

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