Beach Party

It was a warm, summer day. Skinny Matilda put on her bikini and went to the beach. The beach was crowded with people trying to beat the heat.

There was a time when Skinny Matilda would never go anywhere where there were huge crowds. There was also a time when she would never have worn a bikini. Skinny Matilda used to weigh 300 pounds. Because of her weight, she became severely depressed and she almost ate herself to death. She became ill, ended up in a coma for two months and when she woke up from the coma she found out she had lost over 200 pounds.

Skinny Matilda feels like she has been given a whole new lease on life. She vowed to herself that she would keep the weight off. You would think Skinny Matilda would be happy but, she is constantly being ridiculed. People just don’t understand how she lost all that weight. People don’t understand that she almost died in the process. Skinny Matilda thinks they are also jealous of the fact that she had lost so much weight, without even trying to.

“I think I am going to have a beach party,” said Skinny Matilda, while sun­bathing at the beach. “Who can I invite?”

Skinny Matilda thought for a moment about who she could invite but, unfortunately, her invitation list came up empty- handed.

“That is sad,” said Skinny Matilda. “I don’t have anyone I can invite to my beach party!”

Skinny Matilda didn’t dwell on it. She decided instead, that she would have her own beach party. She had everything with her that she would need. She found a nice quiet area, so she setup her beach chair right by the water. She then turned up her music as loud as she could. Then, she started dancing in the sand. She was having such a great time that for awhile, she didn’t notice that some people were watching her. She motioned for them to join her. Soon, there were almost twenty people at Skinny Matilda’s beach party and they were all having the time of their lives.

What Skinny Matilda didn’t realize was the spot she picked for her beach party was the same spot the group of twenty people had picked to have their own beach party. They saw Skinny Matilda was having so much fun so, they let her stay.

Skinny Matilda didn’t know that she had actually crashed someone else’s beach party. The success of her so-called beach party was a huge confidence boost. It allowed her to interact with people, some of whom ended up being best friends with her.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to ridicule people without knowing their whole story.
  • Example: Skinny Matilda almost died in a coma because she was so depressed about her weight.

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