Summer Ice

“It is so hot today,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, walking home after spending time in the park. “I could eat a gallon of ice-cubes.”

Bad Teeth Bradley walked along the pathway. He noticed something up ahead.

“That looks like ice on the pathway ahead,” said Bad Teeth Bradley to himself.”

Sure enough, after getting down on the pathway to check it out, Bad Teeth Bradley was right. It was ice.

“Why is there ice on the pathway?” asked Bad Teeth Bradley.

Bad Teeth Bradley wanted to stay on the pathway. That ice felt so good. It was helping to cool him down, but he noticed the man who was making the ice was just ahead.

“My name is Bad Teeth Bradley,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, introducing himself. ‘ ‘How do you make all this ice?”

“My name is Mr. Iceman,” said the man. “I can make ice with my feet.”

“I am so hot,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “Your ice is helping me cool down.”

 “Good,” said Mr. Iceman. “I was hoping it would help. It is so hot today.”

“I want to eat all your ice,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, picking up a chunk of it and almost putting it into his mouth.

“Bad Teeth Bradley,” said Mr. Iceman. “I really don’t think you want to do that.”

“Why not?” asked Bad Teeth Bradley. “I am so hot. It will help cool me down.”

“When was the last time you were at the dentist?” asked Mr. Iceman, seeing how bad Bad Teeth Bradley’s teeth were.

“A few months ago,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, confused. “Why? What does that have to do with it?”

“You won’t to put it that ice in your mouth,” said Mr. Iceman.

Bad Teeth Bradley bent down, took a big chunk of the ice and put it into his mouth. Within seconds, he spit the ice out and ran off.

“Where are you going?” asked Mr. Iceman.

“I am going to the dentist,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

“I think you have sensitive teeth to the cold,” said Mr. Iceman. “I don’t think you will be wanting to eat ice anymore.”

“Definitely not,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, through the pain in his mouth.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is a good idea to listen to others giving good advice.
  • Example: Mr. Iceman told Bad Teeth Bradley not to eat the ice. However, he did not listen.

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