A Prickly Summer

Canada Moose was walking through the forest on a sunny, summer morning. He walked along without a care in the world. He didn’t care about how much noise he made or how the amount of noise he was making was bothering the other animals in the forest.

“It sure is a beautiful summer morning,” said Canada Moose as he walked past the tree his friend, Prickly Porcupine lived in.

“It would be so much nicer if there wasn’t so much noise,” said Prickly Porcupine.

Canada Moose just kept walking. He didn’t hear a word Prickly Porcupine said to him. He kept walking and making a ton of noise as he went. Later that day, Canada Moose was walking back home from his walk. He was still making a ton of noise, thrashing through the trees.

As Canada Moose approached Prickly Porcupine’s house, a branch off one of the trees came crashing to the ground when Canada Moose banged into it with his huge, clumsy antlers. The sound of the branch scared Prickly Porcupine and some of his quills let go. One of them hit Canada Moose in the nose.

“Ouch!” cried Canada Moose. “That hurt. What did you do that for?”

Prickly Porcupine explained to Canada Moose that he didn’t do it on purpose. He also explained to Canada Moose that if he wasn’t thrashing around the forest so much, then  the branch wouldn’t have fallen, he wouldn’t have gotten scared and he wouldn’t have let go of some of his quills.

“And I wouldn’t have gotten your quill in my nose,” said Canada Moose.

“Exactly!” exclaimed Prickly Porcupine.

Canada Moose was very careful when walking through the forest, from that day on. He never did get another of Prickly Porcupine’s quills in his nose.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to be considerate of others.
  • Example: Canada Moose didn’t care how much noise he made until he got one of Prickly Porcupine’s quills in his nose.

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