End of Summer Season

Tuffy Turtle went outside. He felt a chill in the air. He saw the leaves were starting to turn colour and that the days were getting shorter. This made Tuffy very sad.

“Why do you look so sad?” asked Mrs. Robin, when she saw Tuffy walking with his head down low.

“It is the end of summer,” said Tuffy. “No more warm days. No more swimming. No more longer days.”

“You silly turtle,” said Mrs. Robin. “Sure the end of summer is here but aren’t you looking forward to autumn. We will have bright orange pumpkins, brightly coloured leaves and cooler days.”

“Of course,” said Tuffy. “But I will miss summer.”

“I will too,” said Mrs. Robin. “But the seasons go in cycles. Summer is followed by Autumn, which is followed by winter and then spring.”

“And then what?” asked Tuffy.

“Then the cycle starts all over again,” said Mrs. Robin.

“I look forward to next summer,” said Tuffy, smiling.

“Good,” said Mrs. Robin. “It is nice to see you smile and be happy.”

“Thank you,” said Tuffy. “I do feel better about summer ending.”


Moral of this Story:

  • The end of summer can be a very sad time.
  • Example: Tuffy Turtle was very sad that the end of summer was here but Mrs. Robin explained to him about the cycle of the seasons.

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