Summer Sunshine

“It is such a nice sunny day,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Let’s go for a hike and enjoy the weather.”

“Sure,” said Poor Mountain Father, getting up from reading the daily newspaper. “That sounds like a good idea.”

Poor Mountain Mother took her apron off and hung it over the kitchen chair. She grabbed a basket so she could collect some wildflowers if she saw some. Then both she and Poor Mountain Father got their hiking boots on and away they went on a hike.

Poor Mountain Brother and Poor Mountain Sister came home early from visiting their neighbors. When they came through the front door they sensed something strange. Usually Poor Mountain Mother was there to greet them.

“That is strange,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “Where is Poor Mountain Mother?”

“And where is Poor Mountain Father?” asked Poor Mountain Sister, seeing the daily newspaper lying on the floor beside the lazy boy chair that Poor Mountain Father sits in.

The two children checked around the house and they couldn’t find their parents anywhere. Poor Mountain Brother noticed Poor Mountain Mother’s apron on the back of the kitchen chair. Poor Mountain Sister noticed that there was a trail of dried wildflowers going out the back door onto the porch.

“Hmmm,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “I think they have gone to find some more wildflowers.”

“Looks like you are right,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “I see their hiking boots are missing.”

Back on the mountain, Poor Mountain Mother and Poor Mountain Father were having a lot of fun, enjoying the summer sunshine and picking wildflowers, while hiking up the mountain.

“We should do this more often,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We should. It is nice to get away from the house for a bit.”

“Oh oh,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Speaking of the house, the children are going to be home soon. I suppose we should head back.”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We should.”

Poor Mountain Brother and Poor Mountain Sister were all excited that they had figured out where their parents were.

“Let’s go see if we can find them,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“I think we’d better not,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “What if we go on the wrong trail and they come back here and we are gone?”

“True,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “But what if they don’t come back? What if they are hurt?”

“Oh don’t worry,” said Poor Mountain Father, coming into the house through the back door. “We aren’t hurt.”

Poor Mountain Brother and Poor Mountain Sister both hugged their parents tightly. They were very happy to see them.

“We figured out where you were,” said Poor Mountain Sister, explaining to them about the apron and the missing hiking boots.

“You two make good detectives,” said Poor Mountain Mother, laughing. “That is exactly where we were.”

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