Lunch With Father on Father’s Day

Racum Raccoon got up early one Sunday morning in June. He looked in the kitchen for his father and he wasn’t there. Racum Raccoon thought it was a little strange to not see his Father sitting at the kitchen table, reading his Sunday newspaper, on a Sunday morning. He also thought it was strange that he wasn’t sitting there on this Sunday, seeing as it was Father’s Day.

“Where is Father?” asked Racum Raccoon.

“He had to work today,” said Racum’s Mother, just coming into the kitchen.

“But it is Father’s Day,” said Racum, very sadly.

“I know,” said Mrs. Raccoon. “His boss wanted him at the plant.”

“On a Sunday,” said Racum. “On Father’s Day. Father never works on a Sunday.”

“I know,” said Mrs. Raccoon. “He was pretty disappointed too.”

“What about our picnic?” asked Racum.

“It will have to wait,” said Mrs. Raccoon.

“Does Father get lunch at the factory today?” asked Racum.

“Well, yes, he should,” said Mrs. Raccoon.

“Mother,” said Racum. “What do you say we go to the factory and take Father a picnic lunch?”

“Racum,” said Mother, giving Racum a kiss on his furry forehead. “What a wonderful idea!”

Mrs. Raccoon and Racum took the picnic basket down off the shelf in the garage and filled it full of Mr. Raccoon’s favourite food. They took the picnic basket and walked to the factory together.

“What a surprise!” exclaimed Mr. Raccoon, when he saw his wife and son, carrying a picnic basket between them into his office.

“Happy Father’s Day,” said Racum, giving his Father a kiss on the cheek.

“Awee,” said Mr. Raccoon, a tear coming to his eyes. “I am so glad you two did this. This means a lot to me.”

Mr. Raccoon’s boss walked by his office and saw the Raccoon family having their lunch together.

“Is there anything wrong Mr. Skunk?” asked Mr. Raccoon, when he saw his boss standing in the doorway.

“No,” said Mr. Skunk. “Nothing at all. Just nice to see a family enjoying themselves so much.”

“It is Father’s Day,” said Racum. “I wanted to spend sometime with my Father today.”

“You are a good son,” said Mr. Skunk.

“Where is your family?” asked Mrs. Raccoon.

“They are busy working or doing homework,” said Mr. Skunk.

“Well you could always come and have lunch with us,” said Racum. “We brought lots.”

“Thank you son,” said Mr. Skunk, patting Racum on the head. “And next year, your Father is not working on Father’s Day, that is for sure.”

“Why thank you,” said Mr. Raccoon. “That will be very much appreciated.”

“Absolutely,” said Racum and Mrs. Raccoon together.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes our loved ones have to work on holidays but it is nice to try to do something special for them.
  • Example: Racum Raccoon’s father had to work on Father’s Day but Mrs. Raccoon and Racum brought him a picnic lunch.
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