Summer Adventure – Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 27

Dear Diary, David, my great-great-great-great grandson stopped by to work on my biography. He took one look at me and suggested a summer adventure. Apparently I looked paler than usual.

I do think David just wanted to take me on a road trip in his new car. I also think he wanted to spend some quality time with me. We both have been working very hard on my biography so I agreed with David and we both went on a well-deserved summer adventure.

David had the top down on his convertible.I felt young and alive and I was proud of David. He didn’t shy away when he talked to his friends. He brought them right over to the car and introduced me to his friends as Grandpa Victor.

I loved to hear those words. For once, since my wife and children left me 160 years ago, I felt wanted. It was a good feeling.

I took David out for a nice lunch. We talked about his work, his plans for the future and while he was talking to me, it wasn’t just idle chitchat. We had an honest to goodness heart-to-heart talk.

Our much needed summer adventure gave us both a new found respect for each other and we had a new energy to work together on my biography.



Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes you need to go on a summer adventure.
  • Example: Victor and his great-great-great-great grandson went on a much needed summer adventure

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