Missy Big Words – Disagreement

Missy Big Words was very hot. Her face was beet red and her hair was sticking to her face.

“Looks like someone could use an ice cream cone,” said Daddy. “Let’s walk over to the ice cream parlour.”

“That would be nice,” said Missy Big Words.

“It sure is a hot day,” said Daddy, wiping the seat from his forehead.

“It has been a very hot summer so far,” said Missy Big Words.

“Yes it has,” said Daddy. “Lots of ice cream and swimming.”

“Goodie,” said Missy Big Words.

Missy Big Words and Daddy walked to the ice cream parlour. It was a busy spot. They had to wait in line.

“What kind of ice cream do you want?” a little boy asked his younger sister.

“I want chocolate,” said the sister.

“You can’t have chocolate,” said the brother. “Mommy said no.”

“That isn’t fair,” said the sister. “I want chocolate!”

“They are having a disagreement,” said Daddy.

“Disagreement,” said Missy Big Words. “That is a big word.”

“Yes it is,” said Daddy. “Do you know what it means?”

“Yes,” said Missy Big Words. “It means that two or more people have a difference of opinion.”

“That is right,” said Daddy. “I am so proud of you.”

Daddy and Missy Big Words ate their ice cream. Missy Big Words enjoyed it very much.

Daddy and Missy Big Words walked home and their neighbour was standing in the driveway waiting to talk to Daddy.

“How come you are charging me so much to fix my car?” the neighbour asked, waving an estimate in his hand.

“The part you need has gone up in price,” said Daddy.

“I can get it cheaper elsewhere,” said the neighbour.

“Are you two having a disagreement?” asked Missy Big Words.

“Yes,” said the neighbour, laughing. “It looks like we are. That is a pretty big word for such a little girl.”

“No word is too big for me,” said Missy Big Words proudly.

The neighbour left and came back about an hour later.

“I apologize,” said the neighbour. “It looks like you are right. The price has gone up. Please go ahead and fix my car.”

“Looks like Daddy won that disagreement,” said Missy Big Words.

“He sure did,” said the neighbour, laughing.

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