Missy Opposite – Opposite of Up is Down

Missy Opposite was playing on the slide at the park with her best friend, Sammy.

“Sammy,” said Missy Opposite. “If I walk up the ladder to the slide, then I can slide down it.”

“Yes,” said Sammy. “That is right.”

“Did you know the opposite of up is down?” asked Missy Opposite.

“You are right,” said Sammy.

Missy Opposite thought about the opposite words that she had just learned, up and down. She knew that up was to go to a higher level and that down was to go to a lower level.

“So, we know that if you walk up the ladder,” said Missy Opposite. “Then you can go down the slide. What else goes up and down?”

“An elevator,” said Sammy.

“Very good,” said Missy Opposite. “An escalator and stairs go up and down too.”

Missy Opposite and Sammy thought of several other things to go up and down, like a road on a hill, an airplane taking off and landing and a hot air balloon.

“Well,” said Missy Opposite. “I think we learned a lot about the opposites up and down.”

“We did,” said Sammy, putting on his jacket.

“Sammy,” said Missy Opposite. “The zipper on your jacket goes up and down too.”

“That is right,” said Sammy. “It does.”

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