Missy Opposite – Opposite of On is Off

Missy Opposite was sitting in the living room watching television. She decided to play with her dolls instead. She got up and went into her room, leaving the television on.

Mother was in the kitchen. She heard Missy Opposite go upstairs but she also heard the television.

“Missy Opposite,” said Mother. “What is the opposite of on?”

“The opposite of on is off,” said Missy Opposite.

“What are you supposed to do with the television when you leave the room?” asked Mother.

“Turn it off,” said Missy Opposite. “I better go downstairs and turn the television off.”

“Good girl,” said Mother.

Missy Opposite went downstairs to turn the television off. She was going to go back upstairs when she saw the light was on in the den. She peeked inside but there was nobody there. She turned the light off. She went into the kitchen to find her mother.

“Mommy,” said Missy Opposite. “I turned off the television. The light was on in the den, so I turned it off too.”

“Thank you,” said Mother. “I guess I forgot what the opposite of on was.”

“Yes,” said Missy Opposite. “You did.”

Missy Opposite saw that the lid was on the cookie jar. She took it off and took out a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. She put the lid back on it.

“You sure know the opposite of on when it comes to the cookie jar,” laughed Mommy, taking the lid back off and setting it on the counter.

“I think you forgot the opposite of off,” said Missy Opposite, getting ready to put the lid back on it.

“I didn’t forget,” said Mommy. “I have another batch of cookies to put into it.”

“Oh,” said Missy Opposite, putting the lid back on the counter.

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