Missy Big Words – Brightness

“It is a nice summer day,” said Daddy, looking out the kitchen window. “It would be a nice day for a picnic.”

“That sounds like fun,” said Missy Big Words. “Can we go to the beach?”

“Sure,” said Daddy. “We can do that.”

Missy Big Words helped Daddy pack their picnic lunch. She packed some fried chicken that was left-over. She also packed some juice and a couple of slices of cherry pie for dessert.

“That look like a good picnic,” said Daddy, loading the picnic basket into the car.

Daddy and Missy Big Words drove to the beach. They got out of the car and found a picnic table they could sit at. Daddy was squinting his eyes.

“What is wrong with your eyes?” asked Missy Big Words.

“The brightness of the sun is hurting them,” said Daddy, moving to the other side of the table.

“Brightness,” repeated Missy Big Words. “That is a pretty big word.”

“Yes,” said Daddy. “It sure is. Do you know what it means?”

“It means to make a lot of light,” said Missy Big Words.

“That is right,” said Daddy. “I am so impressed with you.”

“Thank you,” said Missy Big Words, handing her dad a piece of fried chicken.

Daddy and Missy Big Words had a great day together at the beach. They are their picnic lunch, built a sand castle and went for a swim.

“Good night,” said Daddy, tucking Missy Big Words into bed that night.

“Good night Daddy,” said Missy Big Words. “We should have more picnics together this summer.”

“Yes,” said Daddy. “It was fun and yes we will have to have more picnics. Now, get to sleep. You had a long day. Do you want your curtain open or closed?”

“Closed,” said Missy Big Words. “The brightness of the moon is shining right on my eyes.”

“You sure did learn a new big word today,” said Daddy, closing the curtains.

“I sure did,” said Missy Big Words, very proud of herself.

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