Wilted Summer Flower

Jayden was outside tending her beautiful flower garden. It was very humid and muggy outside her home. It was also very hot outside. This was typical summer weather for Eastern Ontario.

“My flowers look really good today,” said Jayden to herself. “I am very proud of my garden.”

Jayden has good reason to be proud of her garden. She works very hard to keep it watered and weeded. She spends a lot of time in her garden.

A few days went by and Jayden had to weed her garden. A few of the weeds had grown to almost a foot tall.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Jayden, finding a poor little summer flower in the corner of her garden. “You poor little flower. You are all wilted. How did I miss watering you? The weeds must have been hiding you.”

One by one, Jayden frantically pulled the weeds out from around the wilted flower. She then watered it.

The poor wilted flower started to perk up. The more Jayden worked with it, the more beautiful it looked. Pretty soon, that poor wilted flower was the most beautiful flower in the garden.

A few days went by and the wilted flower continued to grow and it continued to get more and more beautiful.

“Look at my beautiful flower,” said Jayden, admiring it.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Jayden’s neighbour, Mrs. Smith, who was outside taking her morning walk. “Look at how beautiful that flower is.”

“Yes,” agreed Jayden. “It sure is. It is the most beautiful flower in my garden. It was all wilted when I first found it. It was buried by the tall weeds.”

“A wilted summer flower,” said Mrs. Smith. “Do you know how lucky you are to have it in your garden?”

“Very lucky,” said Jayden. “I love this flower.”

“Seriously,” said Mrs. Smith. “Bringing a wilted summer flower back to life is not something to take lightly. I have read about this flower and you are the only person I know that has been able to bring one back to life. You have a special knack for flower gardens.”

“I really didn’t do much,” said Jayden. “I just weeded around it and watered it. I called it beautiful every single day.”

“You spoke to it?” asked Mrs. Smith.

“Yes,” said Jayden. “I talk to all my flowers.”

“I think that may be the secret,” said Mrs. Smith. “I have a wilted summer flower and I can’t get it to grow. I will try talking to it and see if that makes a difference.”

“Okay,” said Jayden. “Good luck and let me know if that works.”

Mrs. Smith went home and she went around the side of her house where she had her flower garden. She first weeded all the way around it and then she watered it.

“Little wilted flower,” said Mrs. Smith. “Please come to life like Jayden’s did. I know you can be a beautiful flower.”

The wilted summer flower remained wilted. Mrs. Smith was very disappointed.

“Any luck,” said Jayden a few days later.

“No,” said Mrs. Smith. “In fact it looks more wilted than ever.”

Jayden went over to Mrs. Smith’s garden and she started talking to the poor wilted flower.

“I know you can be a very beautiful flower,” said Jayden in her sweet, soft voice. “Come on, don’t be shy.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mrs. Smith, when she saw the wilted summer flower grow into the most beautiful flower she had ever seen. “It is your voice that makes it grow.”

“No,” said Jayden. “It can’t be.”

“I believe it is,” said Mrs. Smith.

“There is nothing special about my voice,” said Jayden.

“Mrs. White has a wilted summer flower in her garden,” said Mrs. Smith. “Lets go find out if it will start growing for you.”

“I guess,” said Jayden, reluctantly. “But I can tell you it won’t work. There is nothing special about my voice.”

Jayden went to Mrs. White’s house, which was a few doors down the street. Mrs. Smith told Mrs. White about the two wilted summer flowers that Jayden had brought to life just by talking to it.

“That sounds amazing,” said Mrs. White. “My husband and I talk to our wilted summer flower each and every day but we have had no luck in getting it to grow. We have heard that they are very beautiful but we have never seen one come to life.”

“They are so beautiful,” said Mrs. Smith. “Jayden has brought both her wilted summer flower and mine back to life.”

Mrs. White showed Jayden and Mrs. Smith where her wilted summer flower was. Mrs. Smith tried talking to it first.

“Come on little flower,” said Mrs. Smith. “We want to see how beautiful you really are.”

Nothing happened. Mrs. White tried and still nothing. Mr. White, who just came out of the house to see what the commotion was all about, tried too and again, nothing happened.

“Okay wilted summer flower,” said Jayden. “Lets see how beautiful you really are.”

To Jayden’s surprise, Mrs. White’s wilted summer flower also grew into the most beautiful flower she had ever seen.

“It is my voice,” said Jayden. “Wow! I am amazed.”

Jayden went around the neighbourhood and the neighbours were all anxious to see Jayden’s miracle voice at work on their wilted summer flowers. Jayden was the only one who could get the flowers to grow. The wilted summer flowers only wanted to hear her voice.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is amazing what a little tender loving care can do.
  • Example: Jayden had a wilted flower in her garden that she had forgotten to water. Once she started watering it, it became the prettiest flower in her garden.

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