Bumble Bees

“Spot,” said Fawn, one bright summer day, while standing outside in the field. “What’s that noise?”

“What noise?” asked Spot.

“You can’t hear it,” said Fawn, who was clearly becoming agitated.

“No,” said Spot. “I don’t hear a thing.”

“And, look,” said Fawn, pointing to a dark cloud just over the horizon. “What is that?”

“Maybe its an airplane,” said Spot.

“No,” said Fawn. “That isn’t flying high enough to be an airplane.”

“Well, then maybe it’s a spaceship,” said Spot.

“Oh Spot,” said Fawn, who was now becoming scared. “Do you think that’s what it is?”

“Fawn, relax,” said Spot. “I was just kidding about the spaceship.”

“Oh Spot,” said Fawn. ”That was mean.”

“I’m sorry,” said Spot.

“Look Spot,” said Fawn. “Whatever it is, it’s getting closer and closer.”

“And now I can hear that noise you were talking about,” said Spot.

“Oh no!” shouted Fawn. “That is a swarm of bumble bees. Run for your life!”

Fawn and Spot ran up to the barn as quickly as they could go. The swarm of bumble bees were just inches away.

“Hurry,” cried Fawn.

“I am hurrying,” said Spot.

Spot reached the barn first and just as she was closing the barn door behind Fawn, Fawn screamed with pain.

“Ouch!” Fawn cried as a bumble bee stung him on his behind.

“Oh you poor thing,” said Spot.

“Yes,” said Fawn. “It really hurts, too.”

Fawn and Spot stayed inside the barn for the rest of that day and Fawn’s behind was very sore for a whole week. From that day on, Fawn and Spot always kept their eyes on the horizon for dark clouds close to the ground. A few times they thought that they saw the same clouds but it turned out to be nothing.


Moral of this Story:

  • Bumble bees can sting.
  • Example: Fawn got stung on the behind by a bumble bee.

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