Hospital Stay

“Troll Mother, come quick,” said Troll Daddy. “Troll Grandmother has fallen.”

Troll Grandmother had come to babysit the Troll children, while Troll Mother and Troll Daddy go on a well-deserved vacation. She was going upstairs to see the Troll children, when she slipped on the bottom stair.

“Oh dear,” said Troll Mother, wiping her wet, soapy hands on a dish cloth.

Troll Mother raced into the living room to find Troll Grandmother lying on the floor, unconscious. Troll Mother quickly bent down and checked Troll Grandmother’s pulse.

“Her pulse is very weak,” said Troll Mother. “We need to call 911.”

Troll Daddy reached behind him to grab the phone and while doing so, pulled a muscle in his back.

“You will have to do it,” cried Troll Daddy in pain. “I’ve hurt my back.”

Troll Mother picked up the phone and called 911.

“Yes,” she said into the receiver. “You heard me correctly. I need two ambulances.”

Soon, two ambulances pulled up into the Troll Family’s driveway.

“I don’t need an ambulance,” complained Troll Daddy, while he was being lifted onto the stretcher. “I’m fine.”

“Then get up and walk,” said Troll Mother.

Troll Daddy tried with all his might to get off the stretcher, but he couldn’t.

“That is why there are two ambulances,” said Troll Mother.

“What is going on here?” asked a voice weakly.

“Troll Grandmother!” exclaimed Troll Mother. “I’m so glad you came to. You had an accident and we called the ambulance.”

“But, surely I don’t need two ambulances,” said Troll Grandmother.

“No,” said Troll Mother. “They aren’t both for you. Your son pulled a muscle in his back when he tried to call 911 for you.”

“Oh dear,” said Troll Grandmother.

The two ambulances left together for the Troll Town hospital. Once Troll Grandmother and Troll Daddy were settled into their hospital beds, Troll Doctor came into see them.

“So Troll Doctor,” said Troll Grandmother. “When can I go home?”

“You are fine,” said Troll Doctor. “I will release you tomorrow.”

“That’s great news, Troll Grandmother,” said Troll Daddy. “Now, Troll Doctor, when do I get out?”

“I’m afraid you are going to be here for awhile,” said Troll Doctor.

“Why?” asked Troll Daddy. “All I did was pull a muscle in my back.”

“Well,” said Troll Doctor. “Your xray shows a lot of swelling around your spinal chord.”

“Great,” said Troll Daddy. “What a way to spend my vacation?”

“Well, look at it this way,” said Troll Grandmother. “You’ll be well rested.”

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