Green, Green, Green

“Look how lush and green everything is outside,” said Chester Chipmunk, looking out of the window of his home. “I think that I am going to go outside and play.”

“Yes,” said Suzie Chipmunk, Chester’s sister. “It looks so beautiful. Lets go and play.”

Chester and Suzie were very excited about the fact that everything was so green because it had been a long, cold winter and when spring finally did come, it was cold and damp. Summer finally came and so far it was turning out to be the best summer of all.

“Oh look at all the long, green grass out here,” said Chester. “I’m going to roll in it!”

“Me too!” said Suzie.

Both Chester and Suzie laughed as they rolled and frolicked through the grass.

“Ouch!” Chester heard someone cry.

“What was that?” asked Chester.

“What was what?” asked Suzie.

“Get off me!” both Chester and Suzie heard.

Suzie bent down and looked through the tall grass. She found a little green frog.

“Look Chester,” said Suzie. “There is a frog in the grass.”

“Oh my,” said Chester, looking at what Suzie was pointing too. “I hope we didn’t hurt you.”

“You just knocked the wind out of me,” said the frog.

“I didn’t know you were there,” said Chester. “My sister and I were playing in the grass.”

“That’s nice,” said the frog. “I am out here trying to catch bugs.”

“Bugs aren’t any fun,” said Chester. “Why would you want to chase them?”

“To eat,” said the frog. “We frogs love bugs.”

“Oh,” said Chester, not impressed.

“I wouldn’t want to eat a bug,” said Suzie.

“They are actually quite tasty,” said the frog. “Well, I have to get home now.”

“It was nice meeting you,” waved Chester, as he saw the frog hop away.

“Frogs are a bit funny,” said Suzie, as she too watched the frog hop away.

“A bit,” said Chester, rolling in the grass once again.

“Those chipmunks are a bit strange, rolling in the grass, the way they are,” said the frog, who turned to watch Chester and Suzie.


Moral of this Story:

  • Frogs are quite funny.
  • Example: Chester Chipmunk and his sister, Suzie thought frogs were funny.

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