Master Action Words – Run

Master Action Words was sitting in the park, watching his friends play on the swings. It was a cool summer day and he was enjoying the cool summer breeze that was hitting him in the face.

“Come on Master Action Words,” said Billy. “Don’t you want to take a turn on the swing? It is fun.”

Master Action Words saw another of his friends at the far end of the field. It looked like Harold was getting ready to run. That looked like more fun.

“No, thank you,” said Master Action Words. “I think I would rather run with Harold.”

Master Action Words thought about the action word run. The word run is an action word because it involves performing an action, which is to move at a rate of speed faster than walking. That sounded like a lot more fun than sitting on a swing.

“Is it okay if I run with you?” asked Master Action Words.

“Yes,” said Harold. “It is always more fun to run with a friend.”

Master Action Words and Harold began to run as fast as they could. They soon noticed that Billy decided to run with them.

“Isn’t this more fun?” asked Master Action Words.

“Oh yes,” said Billy.

Master Action Words saw Billy looking over his shoulder, constantly.

“Why do you keep looking over your shoulder?” asked Master Action Words.

“That girl is chasing me,” said Bill, pointing to a girl running behind him.

“Why is she chasing you?” asked Master Action Words.

“She was trying to kiss me,” said Billy.

“Well then,” said Master Action Words. “There is only one solution to that.”

“What is that?” asked Billy.

“We need to run faster,” laughed Master Action Words.


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