Barney the Frog

Barney, a frog, lived deep in a secluded forest. He and everyone else in the forest were very miserable because it had been raining steadily there for the past few months. Barney sat on top of a hollowed out log that was floating in the nearby stream.

“Croak, croak,” said Barney to himself as drop after drop of cold rain fell on him. “Oh, there is no sense croaking anymore. The rain is never going to stop and the sun is never going to shine again.”

Barney hopped down from his log.

“I’m going home!” Barney declared. “It is too damp and miserable for me.”

While hopping through the rain-soaked forest Barney met up with one of his friends, Frank Rabbit.

“How are you today?” asked Frank.

“I’m cold and miserable,” replied Barney.

“Yes, I know how that feels,” said Frank. “It’s been months since the sun has shone. The missus and young ones are fed up. If that sun doesn’t shine soon we will be forced to leave the forest.”

“Leave!” exclaimed Barney. “Leave the forest! Where would you go?”

“I don’t know,” said Frank. “Anywhere would probably be better than here.”

Barney knew, deep down, that Frank was right.

“Well, Frank, I am finding it more and more difficult to handle this weather,” said Barney. “I’m a frog. I am supposed to enjoy water.”

“I suppose that even frogs can get sick of too much water,” said Frank. “Hey Barney, how come I didn’t hear you croak this morning?”

“Oh, I started to croak but then I decided that there was just no sense in it,” said Barney.

“Yes I know how that feels,” said Frank. “We have been so cold and miserable that we have stopped sending the young ones to school.”

“Well, I’ve got to be going now,” said Barney. “You take care of yourself and your family.”

“Yes, I’ll try,” said Frank.

Barney hopped over the slippery rocks and the cold, damp grass.

“Barney!” someone called.

Barney turned around and saw Billy Bear standing behind him.

“Look Billy,” said Barney. “I’m not in the mood to play hide and seek with you today.”

“It’s okay, because neither am I,” said Billy. “I’m too cold.”

“Yes, I am cold too,” said Barney. “I sure wish that the sun would shine.”

“I do too,” said Billy. “By the way, Barney, how come I didn’t hear you croak this morning?”

“I started to but I decided that there was just no sense in it,” said Barney.

“Yes, I know what you mean,” said Billy. “I didn’t go for my morning walk this morning to find some fresh berries. I decided, too, that there was just no sense in it.”

“Well Billy,” said Barney. “I’ve got to go now.”

“Take care,” Billy called to him.

“You too,” said Barney.

Barney was almost home when he ran into his friend, Sammy Snake.

“Hi Barney,” said Sammy.

“Oh hi Sammy,” said Barney.

“Any sign of the sun yet?” Sammy asked.

“I’m afraid not,” replied Barney.

“I just don’t understand it,” said Sammy. “I sure wish that the sun would hurry up and shine.”

“Me too,” said Barney.

“Hey Barney,” said Sammy. “How come I didn’t hear you croak this morning?”

“I started to but I decided that there was just no sense in it,” said Barney.

“Yes, I know how that feels,” said Sammy. “I didn’t even feel like getting out of bed this morning.”

“Well Sammy,” said Barney. “I’ve got to get going. You take care of yourself.”

“You too,” said Sammy.

Once Barney got home, he reached for the warmest blanket that he could find and he curled up into it. He felt a little better, although he was shivering.

Days passed and even weeks. There was still no sign of the sun.

“This is getting absurd,” said Barney to himself. “Something has to be done or everyone in this whole forest is going to die.”

Barney stepped out of his nice warm home and went around to everyone’s house and gathered them all up.

“What’s the wise idea, Barney!” shouted Frank. “We are all shivering and cold. Let’s all go back home.”

All the forest animals turned and started to go back home.

“Everyone stop!” roared Barney. “You are all going to hear me out! Now, I know that you are cold and I know that you are miserable. However, we just can’t stop living because it is raining! We’ve all got to pull together and get this forest going again!”

“Yes Barney!” exclaimed Billy Bear. “You are right!”

For the next few days, the forest animals started to pull their lives together. Frank Rabbit and his family decided to send the young ones back to school and they also decided that they were going to stay in the forest. Billy Bear went searching for fresh berries. Sammy Snake got out of bed every day and Barney began to croak every morning again.

One day, shortly after Barney’s talk to the forest animals, the sun did shine. All the forest animals were so relieved and happy to see it. They held a fabulous celebration. All the forest animals lived happily ever after.

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