Monsters in the Candy Store

Maggie was with her friend, Stella. It was a very hot summer day. They both had a toonie that they were allowed to spend on whatever they wanted.

“A whole two dollars,” said Maggie.

“Yes,” said Stella. “It was nice of your Dad to pay us for cleaning his garage.”

“It was,” said Maggie. “Although we did work pretty hard for it.”

“We did,” said Stella. “But your Dad also took us out for ice cream.”

“True,” said Maggie.

“So,” said Stella. “What are we going to spend our toonie on?”

“I think we should go to the candy store,” said Maggie.

“Okay,” said Stella. “My brother went to the new one yesterday and he said there were monsters in it.”

“Monsters in the candy store,” laughed Maggie. “This I have to see.”

Maggie and Stella walked the short distance to the candy store. Stella was a bit hesitant to go inside so Maggie went in first.

“There are no monsters in here,” said Maggie, looking around the store.

Stella entered the store carefully. The two girls were absolutely amazed at how big the candy store was and just how much candy there was in it.

“What will we choose?” asked Maggie. “There is so much to choose from.”

“How about these candy shaped hearts?” asked Stella. “They look so good.”

“Yes they do,” said Maggie.

“Don’t get them,” the girls heard a strange voice say. “Pick me instead.”

The girls went over to the bin they heard the voice coming from. They looked inside and saw the yummiest red licorice pieces.

“No,” said another voice. “Pick me instead.”

The girls took a look in that bin and they saw the biggest gumballs. Another voice wanted them to pick something else.

“I think your brother is right,” said Maggie. “There are monsters in this candy store.”

“Yes,” said Stella. “They are candy monsters.”

The girls decided they didn’t want any candy after all. They left the store. The owner saw them leaving and approached them.

“You girls don’t like candy?” asked the owner.

“We love candy,” said Maggie. “It is the candy monsters we don’t like.”

The owner went back inside the store with a very confused look on his face.

“Silly girls,” he said to himself. “There are no monsters here.”

“Pick me,” the owner heard. “No, pick me, I taste better.”

The owner left the store and he put up a closed sign.

“Why are you closed?” asked a young boy who was walking down the street.

“I need to get rid of the candy monsters,” said the owner.



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