Lots of Bugs

Lots of Bugs …

“It is very hot today!” exclaimed the Desert Kid, just coming in from being outside for the past hour.

“Yes,” said the Desert Kid’s mother, washing dishes in the kitchen. “But at least there are no bugs outside.”

“True,” said the Desert Kid.

“Why don’t you go back outside?” asked Mother. “It looks like it is a nice summer day. Your dad wanted the yard cleaned up. Maybe you could get a head start on that.”

“Sure,” said the Desert Kid. “I can do that.”

The Desert Kid worked very hard on cleaning up the yard. There was a lot of debris laying around so he picked it all up. He then took the rake and raked the front yard. He was very hot and he was sweating.

There were no bugs when he first starting cleaning up the yard but as he picked stuff up and raked the lawn, the bugs started coming out of nowhere. The Desert Kid soon found himself swatting bugs away from his face, neck and arms. It was getting way too much. He then noticed a huge rain cloud that was coming their way. Within seconds, it started to pour rain.

“What is wrong?” asked Mother, seeing the distraught look on the Desert Kid’s face when he came back inside.

“Bugs!” exclaimed the Desert Kid. “Los of bugs.”

“When did it start raining?” asked the Desert Kid’s mother, who knew that lots of bugs meant rain.

“It started just now,” said the Desert Kid.

“That is odd,” said the Desert Kid’s mother. “It hardly ever rains here.”

“Well,” said the Desert Kid. “Obviously it rains sometimes. The bugs sure did come fast though. It is like they were just waiting to soak up the rain.”

The Desert Kid lives in the only desert region located in Canada, the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. In this region of Canada it is very hot and very dry there.

The Desert Kid was in a grumpy mood over the next three days. It continued raining throughout those days. The Desert Kid loved to spend time outdoors when it is hot but he did not like the rain and he especially did not like the bugs that came with the rain. He knows how annoying bugs are.

On the fourth day, the Desert Kid woke up early and he saw the sun shining bright through his window. He was in a good mood for the rest of that day because he also knew that the bugs would be gone and that he would be able to go back outside again.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes there are lots of bugs in the summer months.
  • Example: Desert Kid was swatting himself because of all the bugs.

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