Beyond Words – Mountains

Some things in life are very hard to describe, almost beyond words. Some things are impossible to put words to. Take for instance a mountain.

Now, I have seen many mountains in my life and you would think it would be easy for me to describe them. You would think, well, if you have seen one mountain, then you have seen them all. However, I can tell you that it is simply not true. Every single mountain that I have ever seen is different. I can also tell you that I would never ever get tired of looking at mountains.

Some mountains can be small and some can be very large. Some are covered with trees an grass. Some can be bare and some have a snow peak. Some mountains you can see their peaks and some have their peaks in the clouds. Some mountains have ridges and some have plateaus.

Some mountains have waterfalls and some have a river running through them. Some mountains are desolate and some are teaming with wildlife.

One thing that all mountains have is sheer, absolute beauty, beyond words.

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