Fawn’s Happy Canada Day

“Happy Canada Day!” screamed Fawn at the top of his lungs. “Happy Canada Day!”

Spot looked out the kitchen window and started to laugh when she saw Fawn. He was outside walking around carrying a huge Canadian flag.

“Fawn,” said Spot, from the open kitchen window. “What on earth are you doing?”

“It is Canada Day,” said Fawn. “And I am so happy to be a Canadian now.”

“Now,” said Spot. “You have been a Canadian all your life.”

“But,” said Fawn. “Living in British Columbia makes me feel more Canadian and it makes me more proud to be a Canadian.”

Spot thought about what Fawn just said and as funny as it may seem, she knew that he was right. Since moving to British Columbia two months ago, she felt the same way. It is funny, because when they lived in Ontario, sure they were Canadian, but they really weren’t that proud of being Canadian. However, since moving to British Columbia and seeing the mountains every single day and being out in the fresh air without the smog and pollution and seeing the wildlife that they have seen since coming to British Columbia, Spot had to agree that she is more proud to be a Canadian now than ever before.

“I love Canada,” said Fawn, just walking back and forth, still holding the flag.

Spot came outside to join Fawn and she stopped dead in her tracks when she looked up toward the mountain and saw a black bear out roaming around. She pointed to Fawn to take a look and just as she did, a huge bald eagle soared from out of the sky and landed in a nearby tree. The sight gave Spot goose bumps.

“See what I mean?” asked Fawn. “Every day now we see wildlife around us and beautiful mountains everywhere.”

“Absolutely,” said Spot. “This is sure one beautiful country that we live in.”

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