Canadian Prairies in the Summer

Prairie Kid is one of the brothers of the Canadian family. He lives on the prairies in Alberta, Canada.

Living on the prairies has its challenges any time of the year. The summer season was no different.

Summer on the prairies does have its good days of hot, dry weather. However, the prairies are also known for severe summer weather conditions such as thunderstorms, hail and even tornadoes.

Most people that live on the prairies live and work on ranches. Agriculture is a huge industry. Prairie Kid owns a thousand acre ranch. His ranch mostly has cattle on it.

A typical day for Prairie Kid in the summer usually means that he is awake long before daylight. His cattle are fed bright and early, even before he eats himself.

Prairie Kid usually has a hearty breakfast after feeding the cattle and then he sets off with his several ranch hands and puts in a very long, hard day of work.

With a thousand acres and just over two hundred head of cattle, Prairie Kid always has more than enough work to keep him busy.

“Today we are going to fix the hole in the fence by the creek,” Prairie Kid told his ranch hand, Steve.

“Oh finally,” said Steve. “At least the young cattle won’t be able to get out of the fence anymore. It is always harder to catch the young ones than it is to catch the older cows.

“I just don’t want to lose any cattle to wolves or coyotes that frequent that creek,” said Prairie Kid. “I am tired of losing my profits to those four-legged critters.”

“I agree,” said Steve. “Maybe I will end up getting a raise this year after all.”

“We will see,” said Prairie Kid. “Lets get that fence fixed first.”

Prairie Kid and Steve gathered up the supplies and tools they needed for the fence and they hopped into the truck and drove off to the creek.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Prairie Kid, seeing one of his cows down at the creek. “We must get Bessie up closer to the barn. She is going to give birth any minute now.”

Prairie Kid and Steve unloaded the fence supplies and tools and then they loaded Bessie onto the back of the truck.

“Boss,” said Steve, stopping Prairie Kid from driving away with Bessie. “I think Bessie is in labour right now.”

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Prairie Kid. “So much for the fence being repaired today. We are going to have our hands full with Bessie and her little one.”

“Make that little one,” said Steve, watching triplets being born.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Prairie Kid, happily. “I am shocked by Bessie giving birth to triplets. She is getting up there in age.”

“If these little guys survive,” said Steve. “I should get my raise after all. Your profits for the year will definitely have increased now.”

“We need to make sure these little ones survive,” said Prairie Kid. “Let’s get them up to the barn.”

Prairie Kid and Steve got Bessie and her newborn triplets settle into the barn. Once everyone on the ranch heard that there were newborn triplets, everyone had to come for a visit to see them.

“What a busy day that was,” said Steve at the end of the day.

“It was very busy,” said Prairie Kid. “However, we didn’t get much done.”

“There is always tomorrow,” said Steve.

“There is always a tomorrow,” laughed Prairie Kid.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to help an animal in need.
  • Example: Prairie Kid and his ranch hand, Steve, helped Bessie, his cow and her newly born triplets.
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