Forgetful Fred’s Camping Mistakes

Forgetful Fred wanted to go camping because it was the middle of summer and he just felt the urge to go.

“It is nice that you want to go camping,” said Sarah, his wife, that night at the dinner table. “Camping is a lot of work though.”

“Nonsense,” said Forgetful Fred. “There is no work to it. You just leave everything to me. I will have everything all ready to go.”

“Okay,” said Sarah, hesitantly.

Friday night rolled around and Forgetful Fred was scrambling around the house trying to get everything organized. Sarah stayed out of his way but whenever Forgetful Fred wasn’t looking, she loaded things into the truck.

“Are you ready to go?” Forgetful Fred finally asked Sarah about two hours later.

“I’ve been ready for the last hour,” said Sarah.

“Why didn’t you come out and help me?” Forgetful Fred asked.

Sarah didn’t answer him. She got into the truck and stayed quiet. Forgetful Fred drove to the campsite which was about an hour away.

“It is a beautiful summer evening,” said Forgetful Fred. “It is nice to get out of the city. The air is so much cleaner up here.”

“It is,” said Sarah. “I love the country.

Forgetful Fred pulled the truck into the campsite Sarah helped him unload their camping gear.

“I don’t remember packing all of this stuff,” said Forgetful Fred, looking at the large pile of stuff that was unpacked.

“That is because I packed some of it,” admitted Sarah.

“Why?” asked Forgetful Fred. “I told you that I would take care of everything.”

“Yes,” said Sarah. “I just wanted to help you. I kept noticing things that you were forgetting.”

Forgetful Fred started putting the tent together. He noticed that he forgot to pack the tent pegs.

“Did you happen to pack the tent pegs?” asked Forgetful Fred, sheepishly. “It looks like I forgot them.”

“They are right here,” said Sarah, taking them out of a pouch that she had packed them in.

“Did you pack the mosquito screen for the front door of the tent?” asked Forgetful Fred, starting to feel very silly. “I think I forgot about it.”

“Right here,” said Sarah, pulling it out of a bag that she had packed it in.

“Do you want our sleeping bags?” asked Sarah, noticing that Forgetful Fred had the pillows in his hands but no sleeping bags.

“I think I forgot them too,” said Forgetful Fred.

“I have them right here,” said Sarah, pulling them out of the plastic bag she packed them in.

The tent was finally set up. Forgetful Fred went to find the cooler. He was thirsty.

“Don’t tell me that I forgot the cooler,” said Forgetful Fred.

“What did you want to drink?” asked Sarah. “I brought cider, lemonade and iced tea.”

“Iced tea,” said Forgetful Fred. “And, I need to apologize to you. Without your help, this camping trip would have been a disaster.”

“I accept your apology,” said Sarah. “Next time, let’s just work together.”

“That is a deal,” said Forgetful Fred.

Thanks to Sarah’s help, Forgetful Fred and Sarah had a good time camping. The weather was perfect and they were able to relax and have fun together.

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