Happy Ranch with Rancher Girl

“This has been a very busy summer,” said Rancher Girl, getting down from the horse she had just been training. ”I was hoping this ranch of mine could be known as a happy ranch but, instead it is a busy ranch.”

“It has been a busy summer,” said Amie, Rancher Girl’s ten year old daughter. “But busy is good, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” said Rancher Girl, thinking about what Amie had just said. “Busy is good. However, I wanted us to be able to enjoy the ranch.”

“We have had some fun days this summer,” said Amie. “We did go camping in the mountains and I did get to swim several times in the pond we found at the end of our property line.”

“You are right,” said Rancher Girl, thinking about just how smart Amie is. “We have had some fun times. Don’t forget about the big barbecue we had, too.”

“I could never forget that, “said Amie. “That was so much fun.”

“It certainly was,” said Rancher Girl. “We had that big bonfire and we roasted marshmallows.”

“Don’t foget the singing,” said Amie.

“Now, now,” laughed Rancher Girl. “It wasn’t my fault my voice gave out.”

“No,” agreed Amie. “It wasn’t but at least I was there to step in.”

“And you did a beautiful job,” said Rancher Girl.

“Thank you,” said Amie. “It was fun.”

“Okay,” said Rancher Girl. “I guess this is a happy ranch after all.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always look on the bright side of things.
  • Example: Rancher Girl wanted her ranch to be a happy ranch but to her it was just a busy ranch until Amie pointed out differently.

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